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Exploring Hand Therapy

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Hand Therapy Certification CHTģ Package Discount PROMO UPDATED    
Basics and Beyond ® CE Course - 67.75 AOTA Hours - Discounted All 20 Chapters    
Bundled Discounted Package: PROXIMAL IMPOSTERS    
CADAVER series: 3 Pack    
CREATE Your Basics and Beyond ® 5 Pack Bundle    
CREATE Your Own Basics and Beyond ® 15 Pack Bundle    
CREATE Your Own Basics and Beyond ® 10 Pack Bundle    
NEW Orthotics Course Bundle    
Package Promotion: Arthritis Unloaded: COMBO PACKAGE    
Package Promotion: Create your Own 4 Pack    
Package Promotion: Hands On Techniques Up Close and Personal    
Package Promotion: Orthotics: Static, Dynamic and Static Progressive Splinting    
Package Promotion: TENDONS -Flexor and Extensor    
Physical Agent Modalities: Occupation-Based Implementation of Thermal and Electrical Agents    
Shoulder, Brachial Plexus and Cervical Spine: Uncover the Secrets    
Super Study CE PROMO    
101 Creative Therapy Ideas    
101 Creative Therapy Ideas: Digital Version - ONLINE only!    
All About the Thumb CMCJ Osteoarthritis    
Anatomy Glove Learning System - Glove and 1 year Access to Online Videos    
Arthritis OA: Updates and Innovations    
Arthritis RA: Updates and Innovations    
Arthroplasty of the Upper Extremity Bring on the New Joints    
Assistants & Techs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly    
Basics and Beyond ® Anatomy of the Upper Extremity    
Basics and Beyond ® Burns, Flaps, and Grafts    
Basics and Beyond ® CRPS    
Basics and Beyond ® Dupuytren's Disease    
Basics and Beyond ® Elbow    
Basics and Beyond ® Ergonomics for the Office Workstation    
Basics and Beyond ® Evaluation    
Basics and Beyond ® Flexor and Extensor Tendons    
Basics and Beyond ® Fractures of the UE    
Basics and Beyond ® Neuroanatomy and Sensory Re-education of the UE    
Basics and Beyond ® OA/RA    
Basics and Beyond ® Orthotic Fabrication    
Basics and Beyond ® Physical Agent Modalities    
Basics and Beyond ® Professional Practice Management    
Basics and Beyond ® Repetitive Strain Injury    
Basics and Beyond ® Shoulder    
Basics and Beyond ® The Stiff Hand    
Basics and Beyond ® Traumatic Hand    
Basics and Beyond ® Wounds    
Basics and Beyond ® Wrist    
Bracelet - Limited Edition    
Bracelet: Hand Charm    
Brachial Plexus: Secrets of Treating TOS    
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Traditional and Pilates Approach    
Burns: Stop, Drop and Rehab    
CADAVER Anatomy Review Forearm and Elbow - Cadaver Dissection and Beyond    
CADAVER Anatomy Hand Dissection: Making The Complex Simple    
CADAVER Shoulder/Brachial Plexus: A Spine Tingling Cadaver Dissection    
Caring for the Painful Thumb - More Than a Splint    
Carpal Tunnel - Wake Me Up!    
Cervical Spine Exam: The Physicians Approach To Differential Diagnosis    
Charm: Pandora - Hand in Hand    
Charm: Pandora - Momma and Child - Hand In Hand    
Charm: Pandora - Promise!    
Charm: Pandora Heart Shaped Hands    
Charm: Pandora- Peace    
Charm:Healing Hand Necklace/Pandora    
Clinical Activities: Clinic, Bedside, Home    
Computer Mechanics Illustrated    
Congenital Deformities of the Upper Extremity: A Journey Uncovered    
Create Your Own Pin Collection (5)    
Cufflinks (Healing Hand)    
Cumulative Trauma Disorders: An Evidenced-Based Approach    
Dementia and Beyond: The Forgotten Face    
Dementia and Beyond: The Forgotten Face!    
Distal Radius: An Evidenced Based Approach to Intervention with Bonus Printable Protocols and Videos    
Diversity in Healthcare - Meets the Ethics and Boundaries for FL and OH 3 hours    
Diversity in Healthcare For OT    
Diversity in Healthcare OHIO Approved    
Dupuytrens Disease: Advances and Updates in Treatment    
Dystonia: Focal Hand Dystonia    
Earrings Heart and Hand Earrings    
Earrings: Beautiful hand encased in glass    
Earrings: Bronze with Definition    
Earrings: Curved Modern    
Earrings: Goldtone Pewter lifelike hands    
Earrings: Hand Fluorescent Studs    
Earrings: Tiger Striped Fun    
Edema Management: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow    
Elbow: An Evidenced Based Approach to Effective Rehabilitation    
Ergonomics: Tips, Tricks & Trivia    
Everyday Upper Extremity Anatomy Book with BONUS CE FREE    
Evidenced Based Hand and Upper Extremity Protocols    
Exercise : Alternative Medicine    
Exercise: Get Digital: Creative Cost Effective, Easy Exercises for Patients    
Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls    
Extensor Tendon Management (Ebook-interactive)    
Eyeglass/Badge Holder    
FiddlLINK Fidgeter - fine motor skill development tool    
Finger Fitness - The Complete Hand Workout    
Finger Fitness Exercise Dances for Kids    
Finger Watch - YES it works!    
FL O.T. Laws and Rules    
Flexor Tendons: Get A Grip on Rehab (E-Book)    
Flexor Tendons: Get Your Glide On (Interactive movie)    
Fracture Management of the UE: Achieving Favorable Functional Outcomes    
Fracture Management: Segment 3 - Carpal and Hand    
Fracture management: Segment 2 - Elbow/Forearm/Distal Radius    
Fractures Management: Segment 1 - Shoulder Care    
Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 3rd Ed Book - A Quick Reference Guide and Review    
Hand Club    
Hand Therapy Boot Camp    
I Will Never Forget    
Intrinsics: Unravel the Mystery    
Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity    
Keychain: Magic Wand    
Keychains (2) with Bottle Opener    
LASER: The Healing Power of Light    
LASER: Clinical Light and Laser Therapy: A Doctor's Approach    
Lateral Epicondylitis: The Therapists Approach to Conquering Pain    
Lateral Epicondylitis: Tips, Tricks, & Trivia    
Learn and Earn Newsletter 6: One True Calling    
Magic Wand: :Purple    
Magic Wand: Blue    
Magic Wand: Pink    
MCP Arthroplasty: New Knuckles? Or an Expensive Flyswatter!    
Medical Errors: Grave Mistakes - Occupational Therapy    
Medical Errors: Grave Mistakes - Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling    
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Motor Imagery Program    
Money Clip (Healing Hand)    
Myofascial Therapy with Emphasis on Trigger Points    
Necklace: Beach View    
Necklace: Beautiful hand encased in glass    
Necklace: Bronze Cut-out Heart Palm    
Necklace: Bronze Hamsa encased in Glass    
Necklace: Bronze Hand with Flower    
Necklace: Dainty Hand Pendant    
Necklace: Hand Pendant Bronze Pocket watch/necklace    
Necklace: Hands Holding Stone    
Necklace: Healing Hand and Heart    
Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment Strategies : Itís Not Just About The Hand    
Neuropathic Pain Illustrated    
OA: Tips, Tricks, and Trivia    
Office Ergonomics    
Orthotics: Creative Mobilization Splinting- Dynamic & Static Progressive Splinting (SPS)    
Orthotics: Creative Static Splinting Made Simple    
Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: IMMOBILIZATION    
Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: MOBILIZATION    
PDU PROMO $99.00    
Physical Agent Electrical Modalities Certification Program: Occupation - Based Implementation of Electrical Agents updated    
Physical Agent Thermal Modalities Certification Program:: Occupation-Based Implementation of Thermal Agent updated    
Pin - Autumn Hand Tree    
Pin - Hand Flower    
Pin - Hand in Heart    
Pin - Handy Flag    
Pin - Holiday Hand Wreath    
Pin - Pewter Healing Hand (Bronze)    
Pin - Pewter Healing Hand (Silver)    
Pin - Rainbow Hand    
Pin - Snowflake Hand    
Pin - SunShine Hands    
Pin - Turkey Hand    
Pin/Tie Tac Hand Heart Cutout    
Pin: Beaded Hand    
Pin: Heart in Hands    
Play in Occupational Therapy for Children E-book    
Posture Busters: Skip the Slouch    
Practice Exam Modalities    
Practice Exam (1)    
Practice Exam (2)    
Practice Exam (3)    
Practice Exam (4)    
Practice Exam (5)    
Practice Exam (6)    
Practice Exams (1 -6 ) PLUS Modalities Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 & 6) Package Deal! UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 2) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 3) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 4) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Private Practice: Starting or Building a Clinic: Everything you Need to Succeed    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part A    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part B    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part C    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part D    
RSD/CRPS The Physicians and Therapists Approach to Comprehensive Evaluation and Management    
RSD/CRPS: Tips, Tricks, Trends, & Trivia    
Shoulder Pathology: A Detailed Approach to Examination and Treatment    
Slip, Fall, Broken Wrist! A Fracture Everyone Treats    
Spanish: Easy Spanish For Rehabilitation Professionals    
Sports Injuries: Off the Sideline and Into the Game    
Stiff Joints: Tips, Tricks and Trivia    
Stiffness: Suggestions and Solutions    
Stomp Out Stiffness    
Stroke: Pathophysiology - New Advances in Treatment    
Tai Chi: Flow into Function    
The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide    
The Illustrated Elbow    
The Illustrated Hand, 2nd Edition    
The Illustrated Shoulder- 2nd edition    
Therapeutic Exercises: An Upper Extremity Regime    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation - Stroke: Risks, Prevention and Brain Neuroplasticity    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation: Dupuytren's Disease - Don't Keep Me Down    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation: Trigger Finger - Annie Get Your Gun!    
Therapist in Your Pocket 6 Pack    
Therapist in Your Pocket - Yoga The Five Tibetans    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation - Exercise Instead of Medicine    
Therapists in Your Pocket Presentation - Alzheimer's: Insights and Discoveries    
Tie: Primary Colors Handprints Necktie    
Tie: White Hands on Navy Bowties    
Tie: White Hands on Navy Necktie    
To Pay or Deny? That is the Question: A guide to best documentation practices    
UPDATED 2017 25 PDUs PROMO    
UPDATED 2017 36 PDUs PROMO    
Why Words Fail in People with Dementia    
Why Words Fail in People with Dementia!    
Women's Health: What Everyone Treating a Woman Should Know - Ebook    
Wound Care for the Hand Specialist: Heal em up Quickly!    
Wounds: Tips, Tricks & Trivia    
Wrist Secrets - Parts 1-3 Package Promotion    
Wrist Secrets Part 1    
Wrist Secrets Part 2    
Wrist Secrets Part 3    
X-Ray Vision for the Therapist: I've Got You Under my Skin.    
Yoga: Creative Clinical Wisdoms