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All About the Thumb CMCJ Osteoarthritis

Arthroplasty of the Upper Extremity Bring on the New Joints

Assistants & Techs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Brachial Plexus: Secrets of Treating TOS

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Traditional and Pilates Approach

Burns: Stop, Drop and Rehab

CADAVER Anatomy Review Forearm and Elbow - Cadaver Dissection and Beyond

CADAVER Anatomy Hand Dissection: Making The Complex Simple

CADAVER Shoulder/Brachial Plexus: A Spine Tingling Cadaver Dissection

Cervical Spine Exam: The Physicians Approach To Differential Diagnosis

Edema Management: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Elbow: An Evidenced Based Approach to Effective Rehabilitation

Ergonomics: Tips, Tricks & Trivia

Flexor Tendons: Get Your Glide On (Interactive movie)

Fracture Management: Segment 3 - Carpal and Hand

Fracture management: Segment 2 - Elbow/Forearm/Distal Radius

Fractures Management: Segment 1 - Shoulder Care

Intrinsics: Unravel the Mystery

Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity

LASER: The Healing Power of Light

Lateral Epicondylitis: The Therapists Approach to Conquering Pain

Lateral Epicondylitis: Tips, Tricks, & Trivia

MCP Arthroplasty: New Knuckles? Or an Expensive Flyswatter!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Motor Imagery Program

Myofascial Therapy with Emphasis on Trigger Points

Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment Strategies : Itís Not Just About The Hand

OA: Tips, Tricks, and Trivia

Office Ergonomics

Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: IMMOBILIZATION

Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: MOBILIZATION

RSD/CRPS The Physicians and Therapists Approach to Comprehensive Evaluation and Management

RSD/CRPS: Tips, Tricks, Trends, & Trivia

Shoulder Pathology: A Detailed Approach to Examination and Treatment

Slip, Fall, Broken Wrist! A Fracture Everyone Treats

Spanish: Easy Spanish For Rehabilitation Professionals

Sports Injuries: Off the Sideline and Into the Game

Stiff Joints: Tips, Tricks and Trivia

Stiffness: Suggestions and Solutions

Stroke: Pathophysiology - New Advances in Treatment

Tai Chi: Flow into Function

Therapeutic Exercises: An Upper Extremity Regime

Wound Care for the Hand Specialist: Heal em up Quickly!

Wounds: Tips, Tricks & Trivia

Wrist Secrets Part 1

Wrist Secrets Part 2

Wrist Secrets Part 3

X-Ray Vision for the Therapist: I've Got You Under my Skin.



Yoga: Creative Clinical Wisdoms


Less than $100.00 per course. WOW - Pick any 4 from these 50 top selling courses and SAVE $$$$. Savings can be over $500.00 on some course combinations off the individual list price. This is a great way to try a variety of our movie courses while earning valuable AOTA approved CEU's.

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CE hours vary per state

  • Pick any 4 from these 45 top selling courses and SAVE $$$$.
  • This is a great way to try a variety of our movie courses while earning valuable AOTA approved CEU's.
  • Less than 100 per course!
  • Savings over $500.00 on some course combinations off the individual retail price.
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    Price: $399.00


    I have taken several courses from liveconferences.com over the past couple of years and this is one of their better courses. There is no detail missed. They cover everything you need to know about RSD. They have MD's giving input, they have case studies and go over how to treat them, they cover helpful modalities and treatment techniques. It's all there. I wish all the doctors I come into contact with knew half this much about RSD. With the information contained in this course and the information you can get from the websites referenced at the end, you will very likely be the most knowledgeable person in your clinic about RSD. Your patients will benefit greatly! Chad Royer, OT, CHT
    Chad Royer, OT, CHT  
    This course was a very good informative course. It was well taught to get a basic knowledge on the Laser. I felt very confident to use a laser in my practice after completing this.
    I really enjoyed this course. I like the movie format because it is close to actually being at a course, but you can pause and rewind if you would like to hear/see something again.
    Amber Howell  
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    • Participants have one year to access the CEU course and exam to obtain CEUs.
    • All CEU activities are associated with an online exam to ensure understanding of learner objectives. Once an 80% is achieved a CEU certificate is sent to the email that was used for registering the participant for the CEU course.
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