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Exploring Hand Therapy

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  Sports Injuries: Off the Sideline and Into the Game

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Domain of OT, Occupational Therapy Process


George LaCour OTR, CHT


Have you ever had an athlete referred to your clinic and felt as though your treatment was inadequate? Have you ever felt that your treatment approach is stale? Getting Off the Sideline and Into the Game is an interactive movie course that will introduce the rehab professional to the world of sports medicine and discuss how unique treatment of the athlete can be. This course offers instruction in assessment, special testing, the use of modalities, and a wide variety of therapeutic exercises and how to adapt each to meet the needs of each athlete. In addition, this course discusses athletic taping and the use of splints and braces during play and on the sideline. At the completion of this course the participant will feel more confident to “take the field” in sports rehab. This course manual is 125 color pages. Note: This course provides conceptual preparation to seek additional training, and does not provide you a mentored hands-on skills session. Please seek additional experience, with a mentor, to perform hands-on skills. Mixed level learning course - Instructional Methods include PowerPoint presentation, lecture, and video to enhance understanding. Upon successful completion of the examination (80%) your certificate will be sent via email.


  • The participant will understand the roles and responsibilities of members on the sports medicine team.
  • The participant will learn how to approach assessment and treatment of the athlete.
  • The participant will review the mechanics of throwing and the effects imposed on the shoulder and elbow.
  • The participant will be able to describe how to assess injuries of the upper extremity through history  and objective testing.
  • The participant will be able to describe provocative and stability testing for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.
  • The participant will become familiear with therapeutic exercises commonly used in sports medicine and how to adapt exercises to the athlete.
  • The participant will view specific taping techniques used to treat sports injuries.
  • The participant will review braces and splints used in sports rehab and how to make sure they are acceptable for play.
  • The participant will become familiar with how to prevent injuries in the throwing athlete.

  • Adjunctive DVDs available for an additional fee. Call 727-215-7614 for details
  • Outline:

    I.                     The Starting Lineup

    A.      Physician

    1.  Team Physician (Orthopedic / Specialists)

    2.  Primary Care Physician / Pediatrician

                          B.  Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

                          C.  Physical / Occupational Therapist

                          D.  Coach

                          E.  Athlete / Parent


    II.                   Scouting Report:  The Sports Medicine Dynamic

    A.  Understanding / accepting your role on the team

    B.  Understanding the Competitive Athlete

          a.  Physical Concerns

          b.  Emotional / Psychological Concerns


    III.                  From the Game to the Sideline:  4 Challenges Facing the Therapist

    1.  Getting the Athlete to Therapy

    2.  Getting a Detailed & Accurate History

    3.  Communicating with the Team

    4.  Developing an Effective Treatment Plan


    IV.                The Playbook

    A.      Cervical Injuries

    1.  Stinger / Burner

    2.  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


    B.      Shoulder Injuries

    1.  Shoulder Assessment

    2.  Mechanics of Throwing

    3.  Therapeutic Exercises for the Shoulder

    4.  Rotator Cuff

          a.  Impingement / Tendonitis

          b.  Subacromial Decompression / Distal Clavicle Excision

          c.  Tensile Overload

          d.  Rotator Cuff Repair


    5.  Dislocations / Instability

         a.  Anterior Dislocation

         b.  Posterior Instability

    6.  Labral Injuries

         a.  Labral Tears

         b.  Open Bankart Capsulolabral Reconstruction

         c.  Posterior Capsular Shift

    7.  Scapulothoracic Dyskinesia

    8.  AC Sprains / Separation

    9.  Bicipital Tendonitis


    C.      Elbow Injuries

    1.  Epicondylitis

         a.  Lateral

         b.  Medial

    2.  Dislocations / Instability

    3.  Little League Elbow

    4.  Olecranon Stress Fracture

    5.  Elbow UCL Injuries

         a.  Conservative

         b.  Post-operative


    D.      Wrist Injuries

    1.  Fractures

         a.  Scaphoid

         b.  Hamate

         c.  Distal Radius

    2.  Wrist Sprain

    3.  Scapholunate Injuries

         a.  Conservative

         b.  Post-operative

    4.  Scaphoind Impingement

    5.  Lunotriquetral Injuries

         a.  Conservative

         b.  Post-operative

    6.  TFCC Injuries

         a.  Conservative

         b.  Post-operative

    7.  Extensor Carpil Ulnaris (ECU) Tendinopathy


    E.       Hand Injuries

    1.  Metacarpal Fracture

    2.  Tendon Injuries

         a.  Jersey finger

         b.  Mallet finger

         c.  Central Slip Injuries

    3.  Sprains / Ligament Injuries

         a.  Thumb UCL

         b.  Finger PIP

    4.  Dislocations

         a.  Dorsal

         b.  Volar 



    V.                  <

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    This was my first time purchasing a course from Live Conferences. I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the course. I learned a lot . I would recommend chaptering/indexing further. The shoulder section was very long and it was time consuming to find a section again. Thank you for providing a cost effective and quality course. I would definitely consider another course.
    Betty Yuyuenyongwatana, OTR  
    I really enoyed this course, I thought the instructor was well informed about the material he covered and was logical and sequential for good comprehension and learning. I was hoping to get more info on hand taping for sports as I also coach girls basketball as well as work with industrial injuries that often benefit from soft, inexpensive support. I wonder if an athletic trainer's taping techniques for the upper extremity might be an idea for a video course. I do enjoy the wide range of courses you offer and although I pay for them out of my own pocket, I find the courses valuable both in terms of skill building and investment. Thanks for all!
    Ellen Carr, OTR/L CHT  
    Not my favorite speaker... But good couse
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