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  Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 3

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The third course in the Differential Diagnosis of the Spine series deals with the Thoracic spine and the Diseases and conditions that can affect this region. Specific mandatory questions, red flags and specific charts on signs and symptoms of diseases and conditions of the Thoracic spine are presented. The Viscerogenic, Vasculogenic, Spondylogenic issues for this region are outlined and discussed in detail. CPRs for Ankylosing Spondylitis and Vertebral Fractures are discussed along with the evidence. Abdominal palpation and chest expansion measurement is also outlined this course.


  • Identify and describe two musculoskeletal issues of the thoracic region
  • Review a dural test that is used to evaluate the thoracic region which will assist in determining normal neuromeningeal pathway mobility.
  • Describe two CPR of the spine in the thoracic region that have good reliability and are effective in use
  • Identify two vascular diagnoses which may relate to Thoracic Spine referred pain

  • Thoracic

    Diseases that relate or refer to the Thoracic/Thorax


        Pulmonary Conditions


    Screening Tools


        Kehr's Sign

        Murphy's Percussion

    Clinical Prediction Rules and Evidence

        Ankylosing Spondylitis

        Vertebral Compression Fractures

        Vertebral Percussion and Supine Lie Test

        Chest Expansion Measurement

        Abdominal Palpation

    The fourth course in the Differential Diagnosis of the Spine series deals with the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Hip Regions and the diseases and conditions that can affect this region.and is included as a FREE BONUS movie

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