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Exploring Hand Therapy

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Occupational therapy
Hand Therapy Certification CHT® Package Discount PROMO UPDATED    
Buy 1 get 6 more FREE: 7 Amazing Classes 22.75 AOTA Hours and 28.25 NBCOT® PDUs    
Basics and Beyond ® CE Course - 67.75 AOTA Hours - Discounted All 20 Chapters    
Bundled Discounted Package: PROXIMAL IMPOSTERS    
CADAVER series: 3 Pack    
CREATE Your Basics and Beyond ® 5 Pack Bundle    
CREATE Your Own Basics and Beyond ® 15 Pack Bundle    
CREATE Your Own Basics and Beyond ® 10 Pack Bundle    
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Parts 1-3 and BONUS section    
FREE BOOK on Caring for the Painful Thumb with Course Purchase.    
FREE FL Laws and Medical Errors FREE package - PICK 3 more Courses and earn UP TO 20.5 Credit Hours    
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation 1-4 Package Promotion    
Just Breathe 101: Respiration and the Impact on Health, Posture, Pain, Movement and Performance.    
NEW Orthotics Course Bundle    
Package PROMO: Pain What's My Brain Got to Do With It Parts 1-2    
Package Promotion: Arthritis Unloaded: COMBO PACKAGE    
Package Promotion: Create your Own 4 Pack    
Package Promotion: Hands On Techniques Up Close and Personal    
Package Promotion: Orthotics: Static, Dynamic and Static Progressive Splinting    
Package Promotion: TENDONS -Flexor and Extensor    
Physical Agent Modalities: Occupation-Based Implementation of Thermal and Electrical Agents    
Shoulder, Brachial Plexus and Cervical Spine: Uncover the Secrets    
Super Study CE PROMO    
101 Creative Therapy Ideas    
101 Creative Therapy Ideas: Digital Version - ONLINE only!    
All About the Thumb CMCJ Osteoarthritis    
Anatomy Glove Learning System - Glove and 1 year Access to Online Videos    
Arthritis OA: Updates and Innovations    
Arthritis RA: Updates and Innovations    
Arthroplasty of the Upper Extremity Bring on the New Joints    
Assistants & Techs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly    
Basics and Beyond ® Anatomy of the Upper Extremity    
Basics and Beyond ® Burns, Flaps, and Grafts    
Basics and Beyond ® CRPS    
Basics and Beyond ® Dupuytren's Disease    
Basics and Beyond ® Elbow    
Basics and Beyond ® Ergonomics for the Office Workstation    
Basics and Beyond ® Evaluation    
Basics and Beyond ® Flexor and Extensor Tendons    
Basics and Beyond ® Fractures of the UE    
Basics and Beyond ® Neuroanatomy and Sensory Re-education of the UE    
Basics and Beyond ® OA/RA    
Basics and Beyond ® Orthotic Fabrication    
Basics and Beyond ® Physical Agent Modalities    
Basics and Beyond ® Professional Practice Management    
Basics and Beyond ® Repetitive Strain Injury    
Basics and Beyond ® Shoulder    
Basics and Beyond ® The Stiff Hand    
Basics and Beyond ® Traumatic Hand    
Basics and Beyond ® Wounds    
Basics and Beyond ® Wrist    
Bike Riding Assessment and Creative Marketing    
Brachial Plexus: Secrets of Treating TOS    
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Traditional and Pilates Approach    
Burns: Stop, Drop and Rehab    
CADAVER Anatomy Review Forearm and Elbow - Cadaver Dissection and Beyond    
CADAVER Anatomy Hand Dissection: Making The Complex Simple    
CADAVER Shoulder/Brachial Plexus: A Spine Tingling Cadaver Dissection    
Caring for the Painful Thumb - More Than a Splint    
Carpal Puzzle    
Carpal Tunnel - Wake Me Up!    
Cervical Spine Exam: The Physicians Approach To Differential Diagnosis    
CHT Journey Planner    
Clinical Activities: Clinic, Bedside, Home    
Congenital Deformities of the Upper Extremity: A Journey Uncovered    
Cumulative Trauma Disorders: An Evidenced-Based Approach    
CUSTOM Pauline Switzerland Order    
Dementia and Beyond: The Forgotten Face    
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 1    
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 2    
Differential Diagnosis of the Spine Part 3    
Distal Radius: An Evidenced Based Approach to Intervention with Bonus Printable Protocols and Videos    
Diversity in Healthcare For OT    
Dupuytrens Disease: Advances and Updates in Treatment    
Edema Management: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow    
Elbow: An Evidenced Based Approach to Effective Rehabilitation    
Ergonomics: Tips, Tricks & Trivia    
Everyday Upper Extremity Anatomy Book with BONUS CE FREE    
Evidenced Based Hand and Upper Extremity Protocols    
Exercise : Alternative Medicine    
Exercise: Get Digital: Creative Cost Effective, Easy Exercises for Patients    
Exploring the Chinese Therapy Balls    
Extension - Custom Karen    
Extension - Custom Tom #1 of 3    
Extensor Tendon Management (Ebook-interactive)    
FiddlLINK Fidgeter - fine motor skill development tool    
Finger Fitness Exercise Dances for Kids    
FL O.T. Laws and Rules    
Flexor Tendons: Get A Grip on Rehab (E-Book)    
Flexor Tendons: Get Your Glide On (Interactive movie)    
Fracture Management of the UE: Achieving Favorable Functional Outcomes    
Fracture Management: Segment 3 - Carpal and Hand    
Fracture management: Segment 2 - Elbow/Forearm/Distal Radius    
Fractures Management: Segment 1 - Shoulder Care    
Functional Cast Therapy for the Upper Extremity    
Gentle Touch Baby Massage    
Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, 4th Ed Book - A Quick Reference Guide and Review    
Hand Club    
Hand Therapy Boot Camp    
High Five Day Package Promotion: TIPS TRICKS and TRIVIA    
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 1    
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 2    
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 3    
Holistic Approach to Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Part 4    
I Will Never Forget    
Intrinsics: Unravel the Mystery    
Joint Mobilization of the Upper Extremity    
Just Breathe 101 Part 1: Biomechanics of the Region    
Just Breathe 101 Part 2: Function of Respiration    
Just Breathe 101 Part 3 Physiology of Respiration    
Just Breathe 101 Part 4: Altered Breathing Patterns and Somatic Dysfunction    
Just Breathe 101 Part 5: Altered Breathing Patterns and the Effects on the Spine and Trunk    
Just Breathe 101 Part 6: Sleep Apnea    
Just Breathe 101 Part 7: Breathing Retraining Theories    
L-Codes: Soup to Nuts    
LASER: The Healing Power of Light    
LASER: Clinical Light and Laser Therapy: A Doctor's Approach    
Lateral Epicondylitis: The Therapists Approach to Conquering Pain    
Lateral Epicondylitis: Tips, Tricks, & Trivia    
Learn and Earn 8 Telehealth - Friend or Foe?    
Learn and Earn 9 Love The Life You Are Living    
MCP Arthroplasty: New Knuckles? Or an Expensive Flyswatter!    
Medical Errors: Grave Mistakes - Occupational Therapy    
Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Motor Imagery Program    
Myofascial Therapy with Emphasis on Trigger Points    
Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity Evaluation and Treatment Strategies : It’s Not Just About The Hand    
NEW for 2018 25 PDUs PROMO    
NEW for 2019 38 PDUs PROMO    
OA: Tips, Tricks, and Trivia    
Office Ergonomics    
Orthotics: Creative Mobilization Splinting- Dynamic & Static Progressive Splinting (SPS)    
Orthotics: Creative Static Splinting Made Simple    
Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: IMMOBILIZATION    
Orthotics: Innovative Updates: Featuring: MOBILIZATION    
Pain: What's My Brain Got To Do With It?    
Pain: What's My Brain Got To Do With It? Part 2 Treatment    
PDU PROMO $99.00    
Physical Agent Modalities: University Series For Occupational Therapy - ASP    
Physical Agents: A Thermal Modalities Certification Program:: Occupation-Based Implementation of Thermal Agent updated    
Physical Agents: Electrical Modalities Certification Program: Occupation - Based Implementation of Electrical Agents updated    
Pop Grip for The Hand Enthusiast    
Posture Busters: Skip the Slouch    
Practice Exam Modalities    
Practice Exam (1)    
Practice Exam (2)    
Practice Exam (3)    
Practice Exam (4)    
Practice Exam (5)    
Practice Exam (6)    
Practice Exam (7)    
Practice Exams (1 -7 ) PLUS Modalities Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 6 & 7) Package Deal! UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 2) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 3) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Practice Exams (Pick 4) Package Deal - UPDATED    
Private Practice: Starting or Building a Clinic: Everything you Need to Succeed    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part A    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part B    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part C    
Proximal Imposters Detect and Conquer Part D    
Recipe for Well-Being for Health Professionals and their Clients: An Evidence Based Approach    
RSD/CRPS The Physicians and Therapists Approach to Comprehensive Evaluation and Management    
RSD/CRPS: Tips, Tricks, Trends, & Trivia    
Shoulder Pathology: A Detailed Approach to Examination and Treatment    
Slip, Fall, Broken Wrist! A Fracture Everyone Treats    
Spanish: Easy Spanish For Rehabilitation Professionals    
Sports Injuries: Off the Sideline and Into the Game    
Stiff Joints: Tips, Tricks and Trivia    
Stiffness: Suggestions and Solutions    
Stomp Out Stiffness    
Stroke: Pathophysiology - New Advances in Treatment    
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Supplemental DVD    
Tai Chi: Flow into Function    
Telehealth: Demystified    
The Advanced Finger Fitness Guide    
The Illustrated Elbow    
The Illustrated Hand, 3rd Edition    
The Illustrated Shoulder- 2nd edition    
Therapeutic Exercises: An Upper Extremity Regime    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation - Stroke: Risks, Prevention and Brain Neuroplasticity    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation: Dupuytren's Disease - Don't Keep Me Down    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation: Trigger Finger - Annie Get Your Gun!    
Therapist in Your Pocket 6 Pack    
Therapist in Your Pocket - Yoga The Five Tibetans    
Therapist in Your Pocket Presentation - Exercise Instead of Medicine    
Therapists in Your Pocket Presentation - Alzheimer's: Insights and Discoveries    
To Pay or Deny? That is the Question: A guide to best documentation practices    
Why Words Fail in People with Dementia    
Wound Care for the Hand Specialist: Heal em up Quickly!    
Wounds: Tips, Tricks & Trivia    
Wrist Secrets - Parts 1-3 Package Promotion    
Wrist Secrets Part 1    
Wrist Secrets Part 2    
Wrist Secrets Part 3    
X-Ray Vision for the Therapist: I've Got You Under my Skin.    
Yoga: Creative Clinical Wisdoms